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Photoshop – Sulphur teks effect

Photoshop CS2 adalah sofware yang saya gunakan dalam tutorial ini.

This tutorial will teach you how to add a blue flame to your text!

1. Start off wit ha new image, we used 400px x 400 px with a white background

2. set your foreground colour to black, click Edit > Fill – and navigate to make your canvas black

3. grab your text tool, and draw a rectangle for your text to go in.

4. Type in your text, rather large in a white font (we used salvation) at a size that covers alot of your canvas:

Click To Enlarge

5. Click Layer > Duplicate layer, and name it “best”

6. click the layer underneath (on your layers palate) so the middle layer is now selected

7. Click Image > Rotate Canvas > 90* CW

8. Next, Filter > Stylize > Wind – and agree to the rasterize layer action. Give the settings Wind – From left

9. Click Filter > Wind – to repeat this process

10. Click Image > Rotate Canvas > 90* CCW

11. Next, Filter > Distort > ripple – with the settings Medium – 100%

12. Click Layer > New layer. hold CTRL and click the thumbnail of the previous layer. (our example, ours would be “flame”)

13. Change your foreground colour, to a yellow (we used FFCC00) and fill the selection (by edit > fill, or holding ALT + BACKSPACE)

14. Change your foreground colour to a orange (we used EA6900) and click Select > Modify > Contract – and contract it by 2px

15. fill your selection with the orange we just chose.

16. set your foreground colour to red (we used EA0000) and click Select > Modify > Contract – and contract it by 2px

17. fill your foreground with the red we just chose.

18. Delete the layer underneath. (click the layer on the layers palate, and click the bin image)

19. Click back on your layer that has the colours on it and click Image > Adjust > Hue/saturation – and slide the top slider right to the left hand side


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