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Photoshop – simple fire background

Photoshop CS2 adalah sofware yang saya gunakan dalam tutorial ini.

This is a pretty realistic fire effect with a few filters and the changing of blending options

1. Start off with a new document, 400 px x 400 px. Then reset your colours by pressing “D” on your keyboard

2. If you click Filter > Render > Clouds, you will get the base for the inferno.

3. Click Image > Adjust > Hue/saturation – click the colourize box and put the saturation upto 50.

5. Click Layer > Duplicate layer – and… name it anything.

6. On the layers palate, set the blending options to “Linear Light” – this will look wierd, a dark red. but dont worry, its right

7. Again, click Image > Adjust > Hue/saturation – and enter the following settings: (Hue; 50. Saturation; 40, Lightness; -25)

Click to enlarge

8. Now, click Layer > new > layer – name this overlay.

9. Next, Filter > Render > Clouds

10. Then, Filter > Stylize > Chrome – juts have any settings, it dosent really matter

11. Now, on the layers palate – set the blending options to overlay!


2 responses to “Photoshop – simple fire background

  1. irenk September 17, 2007 at 12:17 pm

    i picked up this tutorial from i try this tutorial used adobe version 8.0 and succes. u can creating ur own way if u want. be flexible to any tutorial.

  2. Albar00d September 12, 2007 at 2:56 pm

    which adobe is that i mean am using 7.1 i guess the Chorme Option is not in this version can u just tell me which version of adobe u using?

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