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Photoshop Tutorial – JET Teks effect

Photoshop CS2 adalah sofware yang saya gunakan dalam tutorial ini.

I used to ‘battle’ alot on a forum, i noticed this tecnique was used over and over.

1. Make a new image, we used 250x 100

2. With your foregruond colour selected as black, click Edit > Fill – and give it Foreground colour, with 100% opacity

3. Type in your text. and adjust to font and size to your liking – i like the colour white.

4. Click Layer > Duplicate layer and name it top

5. Click on the little eye in the layers palate

6. Make the layer below the active layer, and click Filter > Blur > motion blur (agree to the rasterising) and give it these settings:

7. Click Edit > fade motion blur, and fade it down to about 75%

8. Now click ON the eye on the layer named top (where it should be)

Then layer flatten image! simple yet effective


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