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Photoshop – Basics of photoshop

Sebenarnya ini tidak pantas disebut sebagai tutorial. Ini hanya sekedar pengetahuan dasar akan toolbar yang ada di Photoshop. Lebih tepatnya sebagai pengenalan terhadan antar muka Photoshop. Sangat mendasar tapi cukup penting untuk dipelajari. This is not an active tutorial, but a tutorial for the extreme begginers to get to the basics of the photoshop toolbar

Marquee tool

Move tool

Lasso tool

Magic wand tool

Crop tool

Slice tool

Heal brush tool

Paintbrush + Pencil

Stamp tool

History tool

Eraser tool

Gradient + Bucket

Blur, Sharpen, Smudge

Dodge, Burn, Sponge

Path tool

Text tool

Pen + Anchor

Shape + Line

Notes tool

Eye dropper, Measure

Hand tool

Zoom tool

Color picker

Mode tools

Marquee tools
The marquee tool is used for selecting sections of your image, once selected, you can use the arrow keys to move the selection. Different selections….. can be made by the elliptical, square, single row, and single collum.

The Move tool
The Move Tool allows you to move the contents of a selection or the contents of the entire layer in the image. You can do this by either pressing the directional buttons on your keyboard, or dragging then with your mouse.

Lasso tools
The lasso tool is not restricted like the marquee tool, and can select more complexed shapes, but basically is the same thing

The Magic Wand Tool
This tool is a quick and easy way to delete unwanted, huge chunks of color in your text. Simply click on the tolerance button, give it a number – the higher the number the more leanient the selection – and do what you please with it!

Crop Tool
This tool is used to change the size of the image, chopping bits off – select the bit you want to chop off, and hit enter

Slice Tools
This tool can be used to slice up a huge image, into lots of little images ready for your webpage, you can maek a webpage with no HTML knowlage needed!

Healing Brush Tool
The Healing Brush Tool is a brush used to remove inperfections from images. It is similar to the Clone Stamp tool in that you must sample and area of the image before you apply the brush to the dodgey area

Paintbrush + Pencil Tools
This is obviously to paint, and draw lines, sketches and shapes, with your colors easily washed by clickign on the color picker

Clone and Pattern Stamp Tools
The Clone Stamp Tool takes a sample of an image, which you can then replicate onto another section of your painting. Just hold ALT on your good area – then draw on your damaged area which will copy it perfectly!

History Brush Tools
This re-uncoveres certian bits since the last time you opened this picture, just dragover your damaged area you bring back the hidden image

Eraser Tools
An easy tool to use, simple rubbing out all your mistakes jsut like an ordinary rubber

Gradient tool
This is used in all different kind of ways, this is used to make an image, which has N amount of colors, each merging into each other liek a rainbow

Bucket tool
The paint bucket tool fills the layer with the foreground color. If an area is selected, only that area will be filled with the foreground color

The Blur, Smudge and Sharpen Tools
The blur tool softens hard edges or areas in an image to reduce detail. The sharpen tool focuses soft edges to increase focus, and the smudge tool acts out someone dragging thier finger through the painting

The Dodge, Burn and Sponge Tools
The toning tools, the burn tool will darken the image, the dodge will lighten it, and the sponge will detasturate it

Text Tool
This is obviously used to create text, any color, font, size and shape

Pen tools
Probabally one of the most difficult tools to get to grips with, this is used by artists because it has the most accuracy and freedom for drawing – this is also how you make your own shapes

Shape tools
The shape tool is used to put a shape on an image, if you would like to make your own, use the pen tool

Notes Tool

You can add notes and audio annotations anywhere on a Photoshop image canvas. When you create a note, a resizable window appears for entering text. When you record an audio annotation, you must have a microphone plugged into the audio-in port of your computer.

The eye dropper tool will get any exact color that maybe on your canvas, or in your color palate

Hand Tool
This is used to move aroudn an image, a bit like dragging the picture about when you are zoomed in

Zoom tool
This tool is used for getting the smaller bits of your picture jst right to perfection!



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